About Rajapur


Rajapur is a taluka place of district Ratnagiri, state Maharashtra. An average elevation of Rajapur is about 72 metres. The Rajapur is located on the Mumbai-Goa highway. It is also connected by Konkan railway. Rajapur has been an important centre in maritime trade for all times in the history of the subcontinent. There are certain historic places i.e. forts etc. which are mentioned in the history of Maharaj Shivaji. There are some places of interest i.e. Rajapurchi Ganga, this is a holly place and located at 2 kilometres from the Rajapur city. Rajapurchi Ganga is one of the wonder place of Rajapur.

Dhoot Papeshwar, a very old lord Shiva temple situated 1.5 kilometre away from Rajapur city. There is a waterfall close to the Dhootpapeshwar temple.

Hot water spring : There is a hot spring one kilometre away from Rajapur. Hot water of this spring is rich with sulphur and famous for curing skin diseases.

Mahakali Temple : A very old goddess Mahakali temple is located near Rajapur city.

Madban : This is a very good beach near Rajapur. Also a temple of goddess Bhagvati is situated at Madban.

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